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Hello, I'm Susie Cormack Bruce, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle editor with over 25 years experience in television, magazines and newspapers. But before you click off, I promise you this isn't some kind of know-it-all blog as just because I've worked in the media for a long time, it doesn't stop me from having the same the struggles and dilemmas most women face when navigating life's journey north of 40 (or 45+ in my case) and I wanted to share any solutions I find with other women and maybe even get a little community of like minded dames going.  I do want this blog to be a fun experience for all - myself included - so I won't be digging too deep. Think style and skincare rather than parenting and partnerships. Those blogs are out there, just not here. 

Just so you know what to expect, my wardrobe is mostly high-street, with a few designer pieces here and there - usually in the accessories side of my closet. Beauty wise it's a bit of a mix, as I do get the chance to try some really nice products, but only ones I genuinely like or use will feature here and I'll always tell you when I've been 'gifted' something. Promise.  

I do all my own photography for the blog as well as for my Instagram account because, as well as not being able to justify the cost of hiring photographers, the ethos behind this blog is honesty (hence the Sincerely Yours, Susie title) and I didn't want to be doing 'set up' shots. Plus I really don't have that kind of time. That's not to say I don't try to make the images as attractive to the eye as possible, I do, but everything you see here is real. That means it's my clothes, my make-up, my food, my home (unless I'm somewhere else and I'll tell you, obvs) and my life.  Most images are captured on either my iPhone 7 or my Canon G7X camera and any editing I do tends to be for brightening purposes (I live in Glasgow, Scotland so that's 100 per cent necessary at times) and I tend to use either the VSCO S3 or C3 presets for that. 

Before I complete bore you, I'll finish by saying although I love being a wife and step-mum to a daughter and slave to Cocker Spaniel, sometimes I like to get back to just being Susie, and created this blog for women who also maybe want to park the title of wife/mum/gran/carer for a while too and just get back to being a woman - no apron strings, nappy pins or guilt pangs attached. So fingers crossed you'll enjoy spending some of your all too precious 'me-time' here with me and other Sincerely Yours, Susie readers.

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Ps. You can email me direct at I try to get back within a day but sometimes life gets in the way and that's not possible, so please bear with me as I promise to respond.